Music is a big part of our worship at CELC. Various choirs/ensembles and individuals provide the music for most worship services. New members are welcome in any choir or ensemble! Contact us if you would like to share your musical gifts!

Parish ChoirIMG_9351

The Parish Choir is a traditional vocal choir for mixed voices. This choir provides music for worship two times a month, for Christmas Eve, Holy Week, and other special events. Rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 and is directed by Brandy Aguirre.

Men’s Choir

image4The Men’s Choir is a traditional vocal choir for men. This choir sings for worship two times a month, for Christmas Eve, Holy Week, and other special events. Under the direction of Brandy Aguirre, this choir rehearses every Wednesday at 6:30.

Festival Choir

This vocal choir of mixed voices/choirs organized for special occasions such as Anniversary Sunday, Reformation Sunday, Easter Sunday, Music Sunday, and other events. This group rehearses as announced and is under the direction of Brandy Aguirre.

Parish Peal

image3Parish Peal is the CELC bell and hand chime choir. They provide music during both services on the 3rd Sunday of every month, for Christmas Eve, Easter, and other services. The bells and chimes may be used as accompaniment for vocal choir anthems. Under the direction of Joanne Vasey, this group is a 5-octave handbell and 3-octave hand chime choir.  Rehearsals take place every Monday at 7:30.

Renew Ensemble

The Renew Ensemble is the contemporary
renewdec16praise choir at CELC led by Amy Kenny. Providing music for both services on the 2nd Sunday of the month, the choir enjoys challenging themselves musically but, more importantly, they strive to make the worship services meaningful and up lifting. Several members also play instruments (guitar, strings, wind instruments, etc.) which are used to enhance the musical experience. Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays at 7:45.

Children’s Choir

ThIMG_9287e Children’s Ensemble at CELC is led by Brandy Aguirre. This group practices during
the Sunday School hour. Depending on the anthem, the Children’s Ensemble sings or plays color-coded handbells and/or rhythm instruments. This group sings monthly and for Christmas Eve, Festival Sundays, and other special times.  All children are welcome to attend and participate in worship, regardless of rehearsals attended.

Youth Ensemble

image2-copyThe Middle and High School youth can participate in the Youth Ensemble. This includes African Drumming and playing Orff instruments. This group rehearses during breaks during the Sunday School hour. The Youth Ensemble participates monthly in worship, at Christmas Eve, and at other times. Middle School and High School youth who sing, ring bells, or play an instrument are encouraged to participate in the other choirs and ensembles listed. This group is directed by Brandy Aguirre while assisted by Amy Kenny and Joanne Vasey.

Instrumental Ensembles

image1-copyIntergenerational and/or age-specific ensembles are organized for festivals and celebrations such as Reformation Sunday, Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday, Music Sunday, and other times. Rehearses are as announced. These groups include brass, strings, woodwinds, Orff, African Drumming, and more. Amy Kenny, Brandy Aguirre, and Joanne Vasey serve as directors for these ensembles.

Special Music

IMG_9294At CELC there are many opportunities for Special Music. During the summer months and when choirs/ensembles are on break, musicians are needed to provide anthems. These may be vocal or instrumental. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Joanne Vasey coordinates the ministry of Special Music.